Health insurance that rewards you for being active

A private healthcare policy is the second most popular employee benefit, after a pension. And with Vitality, you’ve got an incentive to get fitter and healthier, thanks to its rewards scheme. Earn 12 Vitality points in a week – for example, by doing 12,500 steps for two days – and you’ll get a free Starbucks drink and a cinema ticket.


How it works

Harriet, who has Vitality health insurance through her employer, explains how the rewards scheme works:

“You wear a tracker or link it to Moves/Apple Health app on your phone. You earn points for being active, for example doing 10,000 steps, 30 mins of cycling, 60 mins of exercise at the gym. Each type of activity (swimming, cycling, running, walking, working out) earns a different amount of points.

“You also get points by being a non-smoker, proving you have been to the dentist, and buying healthy food from Ocado. There are different status levels (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) which determine how much discount you can get on some of the other rewards, so the higher the status the more you can save!”

Harriet cycles to work every day and earns enough points to get 20% off healthy food with online supermarket Ocado, plus free delivery.


A win-win situation

Vitality has many rewards partners – including Evans Cycles, British Airways, Eurostar, Champneys and Garmin, to name a few – who offer big discounts (generally 40-50%) to Vitality members.

So, with these incentives, you’ve got everything to gain by getting more active and looking after yourself – as well as being fitter and feeling healthier. And studies have shown that people who cycle to work can expect to enjoy significantly better health than non-active commuters. Find out more here.


Benefits for businesses

Offering employees private health insurance is a big recruitment and retention draw, and insurance that encourages a healthier workforce can contribute to greater productivity and less sick leave. Vitality will work with organisations, no matter how big or small, to improve the health of their staff. Support includes: employee health checks, setting health goals, providing workshops on nutrition and physical and mental wellbeing, and training up workplace champions to help them inspire their fellow employees.


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