Case Study: Using an electric bike has made us realise we no longer need a second car

I normally commuted to work by car and this is about 9 miles each way, I used to cycle but due to family commitments I had to stop. I wanted to take part in the trial for health, cost and environmental reasons. Due to where I live (Emersons Green in Bristol) the only true option I have to travel is by car. I could see the benefit of taking part in the trial and was really pleased when I was selected.

I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed using the electric bike during the trial. It was really easy to use and the electric assist really made a difference at the  beginning when I was less fit. As the trial went on I found I was getting fitter and needed to use the electric motor assist less. Even though there was heavy rain during the trial, I really enjoyed the other benefits that the electric bike brought such as better sleep and concentration levels. I saved quite a lot of money by not having to pay for fuel and in most cases the commute was quicker than the car.

My husband also became a great fan of the bike and he used it for trips into town and to go shopping. I also found that on my day off the electric bike was my default mode of transport over and above the car.

As a family we are definitely going to look into buying an electric bike thanks to the trial. It  showed me how easy they are to ride and use and the fact I did get fitter from my commute to work was a real bonus. As a result of the trial we have put our second car up for sale and both my husband and I are committed to cycling to work when the conditions allow.


Before and after trial Key metrics % change
Physical Health +25%
Mental Health +40%
Stress level -14%
Concentration +17%
Stamina +25%
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