Case Study: I am committed to purchasing an electric bike in the future

I am aged 44 and normally commute by car, I live about 11 miles from work. I have tried cycling to work before in the summer, but there are too many hills and it’s a little too far.  I have looked at other modes of transport like the train but they are too expensive. I wanted to take part in the trial, to test the viability of using an electric bike and see if it could speed up my commute.

During the trial I used the electric bike four days per week to commute to and from work. I travelled on a mixture of towpaths and roads and found it quicker than driving. The hills  that had stopped me  commuting by bike previously where no longer a problem. I also used it for grocery shopping and other errands where normally I would have used the car.

I found that my overall health and wellbeing improved during the trial and I began to feel fitter as it went on, with a noticeable improvement in my stamina levels. It was bonus to find that I had lost weight during the trial. The other aspect I found positive  was an improvement in my sleep and improved levels of concentration at work.

The trial really showed me how beneficial an electric bike could be in replacing my car as a mode of transport to work. I was surprised how easy it was to use and the assistance it gave me on the hills of Bath was a real help.

The administration of the electric bike loan scheme was excellent and provided support throughout. I would definitely recommend others to try an electric bike whatever your level of fitness for your commute to work.


Before and after trial Key metrics % change
Physical Health +17%
Mental Health +55%
Stress level -37%
Concentration +18%
Stamina +95%
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