Case study: my ebike is a replacement vehicle

  I have owned a Brompton for the last 8 years, and it’s been my main form of transport to and from railway stations on my commute. However, the issue with Bath is the hills, and a seemingly endless uphill climb home at the end of the day. I often used to ask my husband […]

Case study: no need for our second car now!

Getting my ebike has transformed the number of journeys I do in Bath by bike. For instance, I had a day when I visited St Gregory’s School, then King Edwards School, finishing up back at Roundhill Primary. Up the hill, down the hill and back up again. Previously, I would probably not have attempted this […]

Case study: ebikes are the way forward!

  Like most people of a certain age, I’d not ridden a bicycle much since I was a child. I had a bike in the shed but hardly ever used it – being a fat, middle-aged bloke, Bath’s steep hills are too tricky to ride on a conventional bike! Then I heard about electric bikes, […]

Case study: a feast of wildlife and fresh air

I live at the top of Bradford on Avon, and work in Bath 4 or 5 days a week. For me, having an ebike is the difference between biking and NOT biking to work.   The reason? Winsley Hill, 1.1km in which you gain over 100m in height, with some segments at a 25% gradient. I […]

Case study: ebikes have changed my world!

Bath is a city of seven hills, which makes cycling hard. As someone who cycles primarily to get around the city, this meant that for many years I would ride my pushbike when I knew the journey was downhill, and my return journey would involve me either pushing the bike back up a hill or […]

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Case study: why I LOVE my ebike

I’m 60 years old. Almost. And averagely fit for my age, well perhaps a bit better than average, but I would never consider training to do a marathon or anything like that. But I absolutely LOVE my ebike. I grew up in the countryside riding bikes a lot and have always loved the sense of […]

Confessions of an ebike virgin

I couldn’t help feeling a little apprehensive as I approached my powered steed – having never ridden an electric bike before, I had visions of myself taking off in an uncontrolled fashion and riding into the wall opposite. Happily, this was far from the case…   My EBCO TR-60 hybrid ebike had impeccable manners – […]

Health insurance that rewards you for being active

A private healthcare policy is the second most popular employee benefit, after a pension. And with Vitality, you’ve got an incentive to get fitter and healthier, thanks to its rewards scheme. Earn 12 Vitality points in a week – for example, by doing 12,500 steps for two days – and you’ll get a free Starbucks […]