Case Study: I am committed to purchasing an electric bike in the future

I am aged 44 and normally commute by car, I live about 11 miles from work. I have tried cycling to work before in the summer, but there are too many hills and it’s a little too far.  I have looked at other modes of transport like the train but they are too expensive. I wanted to take part in the trial, to test the viability of using an electric bike and see if it could speed up my commute.

During the trial I used the electric bike four days per week to commute to and from work. I travelled on a mixture of towpaths and roads and found it quicker than driving. The hills  that had stopped me  commuting by bike previously where no longer a problem. I also used it for grocery shopping and other errands where normally I would have used the car.

I found that my overall health and wellbeing improved during the trial and I began to feel fitter as it went on, with a noticeable improvement in my stamina levels. It was bonus to find that I had lost weight during the trial. The other aspect I found positive  was an improvement in my sleep and improved levels of concentration at work.

The trial really showed me how beneficial an electric bike could be in replacing my car as a mode of transport to work. I was surprised how easy it was to use and the assistance it gave me on the hills of Bath was a real help.

The administration of the electric bike loan scheme was excellent and provided support throughout. I would definitely recommend others to try an electric bike whatever your level of fitness for your commute to work.


Before and after trial Key metrics % change
Physical Health +17%
Mental Health +55%
Stress level -37%
Concentration +18%
Stamina +95%

Case Study: Using an electric bike has made us realise we no longer need a second car

I normally commuted to work by car and this is about 9 miles each way, I used to cycle but due to family commitments I had to stop. I wanted to take part in the trial for health, cost and environmental reasons. Due to where I live (Emersons Green in Bristol) the only true option I have to travel is by car. I could see the benefit of taking part in the trial and was really pleased when I was selected.

I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed using the electric bike during the trial. It was really easy to use and the electric assist really made a difference at the  beginning when I was less fit. As the trial went on I found I was getting fitter and needed to use the electric motor assist less. Even though there was heavy rain during the trial, I really enjoyed the other benefits that the electric bike brought such as better sleep and concentration levels. I saved quite a lot of money by not having to pay for fuel and in most cases the commute was quicker than the car.

My husband also became a great fan of the bike and he used it for trips into town and to go shopping. I also found that on my day off the electric bike was my default mode of transport over and above the car.

As a family we are definitely going to look into buying an electric bike thanks to the trial. It  showed me how easy they are to ride and use and the fact I did get fitter from my commute to work was a real bonus. As a result of the trial we have put our second car up for sale and both my husband and I are committed to cycling to work when the conditions allow.


Before and after trial Key metrics % change
Physical Health +25%
Mental Health +40%
Stress level -14%
Concentration +17%
Stamina +25%

Case Study: I used the electric bike to get me to meetings instead of the car

Due to where I live I have commuted the 15 miles to work and back by car on my own for over 5  years. My work as a case officer means that I have a number of meetings and interviews I need to attend during my work day and normally because of distance need my car to drive to these.

I was pleased that I had been selected for the electric bike trial as I would normally not have the finances to buy such a bike. This would give me the opportunity to try it out and see if it suited me. Apart from the health benefits, I was keen to minimize my carbon footprint and switching to an electric bike from a car would help me achieve this.

The electric bike trial has gone really well, I am really surprised how much I use the bike as opposed to the car. It took a little bit of getting used to for the first couple of rides in terms understanding average miles per full charge and how you cycle affected this, but after it was pretty easy and have found it a great way to get about and commute to work.

I now travel by bike whenever its possible, for work or for local run around and it felt good knowing I was saving the environment in my own small way. For work I have found the convenience of cycling to meetings so much easier without the problems of parking. I can plan my travel time so much more accurately and because of the electric assist I am not hot and sweaty when I arrive at them.

I really hope Curo can support future projects like this, I am definitely considering buying an electric bike as I have saved about £100 a month on fuels costs, while getting healthier and reducing my carbon footprint for both myself and Curo.


Before and after trial Key metrics % change
Physical Health +14%
Mental Health +6%
Stress level -55%
Concentration +2%
Stamina +8%

Case Study: I now travel by bike whenever its possible

My normal commute is by car on my own, I live about 11 miles from work. If the weather is good I will cycle into work about once a week, however the hills near where I live and the distance makes it difficult to undertake every day, even though I would like to. I decided […]

Case Study: The electric bike has drastically changed the way I commute to work

I have been commuting to work by car for over a year. I live at one of the highest points in Bath and while only 3 miles in distance my only option is really to drive as the bus takes too long, it is not convenient and is too expensive. Walking and using a regular bike are out of the question given the steep inclines on my route. I cycle about once a month for leisure and enjoy it.

I did not enjoy driving to work as it was such a short distance and seemed very pointless in terms of wasted time and pollution created. So when the opportunity came up to trial an electric bike it really was at the right time for me.

The bikes are very easy to use and very well built. They’re not too heavy either, so you can still use it as a normal bike cycling along flats. But having an electric bike has been a god send with all the hills around Bath.

It has dramatically changed the way I commute to work I now cycle to work every single day (when not in lock down and working from home), and also use the bike to cycle to the local supermarkets when previously I would have driven. For me personally it has has the added benefits of increasing my fitness levels, having to cycle up and down hills every day. But also, I now have more time in my day, as my commute is now only 20 minute cycle in the morning, whereas previously I would sit on a bus or in my car for 40 minutes at least. Having the bike has also benefited me financially, as there has been no costs to my commute, and no parking costs in the centre of Bath either.

I am converted to the benefits of commuting by electric bike, it is my default travel option for everything. I will be buying one through an affordable scheme.


Before and after trial Key metrics % change
Physical Health +31%
Mental Health +45%
Stress level -20%
Concentration +157%
Stamina +23%

Case study: my ebike is a replacement vehicle

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Case study: a feast of wildlife and fresh air

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