Cycling to work is good for your health

Commuting by bike halves your risk of developing cancer and heart disease

Cycling is faster and more convenient

You can bypass traffic congestion and have no parking worries

Cycling saves you money

Less time wasted in traffic, no parking and fuel costs

6,000 people in Bath drive less than 5 miles to work

By cycling to work you will reduce congestion and get fitter at the same time

We can help car drivers switch to commuting by bike

We'll give you an electric bike free for 6 weeks – anyone can ride an ebike, regardless of fitness or age

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Welcome to Ride to Work by Bike – Bath

The Ride to Work by Bike project aims to encourage commuters in Bath to switch to cycling to work in preference to commuting short distances by car. The focus of this initiative is electric bikes (ebikes) in order to reduce the barriers to people who are put off cycling by Bath’s hilly terrain, or consider themselves too unfit – or too old even – to commute by bicycle.

The project will targets a single workplace at a time. Each workplace will be loaned – for free – bicycles for up to 10 employees who currently drive to work (about 10 miles or under) or travel by public transport, for a period of 6 weeks. Comprehensive support will be given to help participants fully experience the benefits of cycling to work, and maximise the chances of them making the switch permanent.

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Improve participants’ health
  • Reduce pollution and congestion
  • Prove that small-scale, low-cost sustainable transport schemes can be successful and cost-effective

We are currently researching how best to run the scheme and identifying partners who can work with us.


Your business can benefit in many ways by promoting cycle commuting and travel for your staff. A healthier and happier workforce is more productive and takes fewer sick days, and you can make further financial savings by reducing the number of car parking spaces you need to provide.

Be a part of this unique opportunity – at no cost to your company.

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By cycling to work you can get fit, save time and money and improve your long-term health – all as part of your day and without going to the gym! You’re also doing your bit for the community and your environment by helping to ease traffic congestion and air pollution.

Take part in this project for free – non-cyclists, of all ages, especially welcome!

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Can you help us make this project happen by giving your expertise, time or sponsoring us by donating cycling or health-related products? We’d love to hear from ebike manufacturers, bike shops and mechanics, local cycling clubs, transport and health experts, cycle product companies – and anyone else who thinks they can contribute.

Get in touch!

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