Case study: ebikes have changed my world!

Bath is a city of seven hills, which makes cycling hard. As someone who cycles primarily to get around the city, this meant that for many years I would ride my pushbike when I knew the journey was downhill, and my return journey would involve me either pushing the bike back up a hill or […]

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Case study: why I LOVE my ebike

I’m 60 years old. Almost. And averagely fit for my age, well perhaps a bit better than average, but I would never consider training to do a marathon or anything like that. But I absolutely LOVE my ebike. I grew up in the countryside riding bikes a lot and have always loved the sense of […]

Confessions of an ebike virgin

I couldn’t help feeling a little apprehensive as I approached my powered steed – having never ridden an electric bike before, I had visions of myself taking off in an uncontrolled fashion and riding into the wall opposite. Happily, this was far from the case…   My EBCO TR-60 hybrid ebike had impeccable manners – […]

Health insurance that rewards you for being active

A private healthcare policy is the second most popular employee benefit, after a pension. And with Vitality, you’ve got an incentive to get fitter and healthier, thanks to its rewards scheme. Earn 12 Vitality points in a week – for example, by doing 12,500 steps for two days – and you’ll get a free Starbucks […]