Can you help make this project grow by donating discounted products or services? Below is a list of what we need.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Ebikes – either to buy or hire
  • Ebike servicing and maintenance
  • Cycle accessories – locks, lights, panniers, hi-viz and waterproofs
  • Wrist-mounted activity trackers
  • Cycle insurance to cover the ebikes and their use for commuting, including public liability cover
  • Prizes (x 12) for the employee making best use of their bike at the end of each 6-week loan period – could be an experience, such as Thermae Bath Spa tickets, or a restaurant meal, for example

Hands-on help

We’re also looking for cycle buddies to give advice and support to newbie cyclists, such as helping them work out the best route to work.