Join the Bath Ride to Work by Bike scheme and you’ll get to experience the fun, convenience and other benefits of cycling to work for the 6-week duration of the ebike loan.

Don’t worry if you haven’t ridden a bike since you were a kid, or you think you’re not fit enough to cycle, or maybe too old, or can’t imagine tackling Bath’s steep hills, or are scared of riding in traffic – we’ve got you covered!

Bath’s hilly terrain is the reason for this project focusing on electric bikes. An ebike looks like a regular bicycle but has a small motor to give you power-assisted pedalling. You choose the level of assistance – lots for climbing a big hill, none for freewheeling downhill – and as you get fitter you can decrease the amount of assistance you use. If you’d prefer to ride a standard pedal bicycle, we can supply you with one of those instead.

What we will provide

  • A high-quality electric bicycle (or regular bicycle, if preferred) loaned free for 6 weeks.
  • Optional free road safety cycle training.
  • Free bike lock, bike lights and pannier  for the duration of the bike loan.
  • Bike fitting to each individual and a demonstration of how their ebike works.
  • A buddying scheme to support individuals with route planning and general cycling tips from experienced cyclists.
  • Access to our eBike Buyers Guide and personalised advice on bike purchase / leasing at the end of the loan.


What you will gain

  • Increased fitness.
  • More money in your pocket – travelling by bike is much cheaper than by car (and public transport), especially if you have to pay for parking when you get to work.
  • More free time – commuting by bike is often far quicker than driving, or using public transport. Plus, you’ll have done your daily exercise simply by getting to and from work, so no need to spend extra time, and money, at the gym.
  • Less stress – because you won’t get stuck in traffic you can time your journey precisely and not worry about getting to work late.
  • A deeper sense of wellbeing and happiness – from the endorphins that exercise triggers in the body.
  • Increased alertness – from getting fresh air and exercise on the way to work.
  • Better long-term health – including a significantly reduced risk of cancer and heart disease, as long as you continue to cycle or exercise regularly.
  • A more pleasant, less congested and less polluted city to live and work in.
  • A sense of achievement!


What we need from you

  • All we ask for you to participate in this exciting initiative is that you commit to commuting by bike a minimum of 3 days per week for the 6-week loan period (and fill in questionnaires/diary on your experience). If you need to travel within Bath as part of your job, please consider making those journeys by bike too.
  • You must have an accessible place at home where you can lock your bicycle. Ebikes are heavy so you won’t want to carry it up any steps!

Be inspired!

There are lots of great resources on the internet aimed at helping people get into cycling. Here’s a few to get you started…

  • Life Cycle UK  This Bristol-based charity provides help for new cyclists, including regular free group rides for all abilities and ages (including over 55s) plus bike maintenance courses.
  • Ebiketips  Everything you need to know about electric bikes: news, reviews and more.
  • Recycle your Sundays  Free social rides (with cake/cafe stops!) for all, fortnightly from Bath.
  • Better by Bike  Practical advice plus news and events for people living in the West Country.
  • CycleStreets  This excellent journey planner has a good app and lets you choose between the fastest, quietest or a balanced route.
  • TryActive  Cycle events and courses for adults and kids alike at Odd Down Cycle Circuit, Bath
  • Love to Ride  This UK-wide organisation encourages people to cycle more by offering lots of great prizes – from cycle clothing to holidays abroad – simply for riding your bike and logging your rides automatically via its app.