Case Study: The electric bike has drastically changed the way I commute to work

I have been commuting to work by car for over a year. I live at one of the highest points in Bath and while only 3 miles in distance my only option is really to drive as the bus takes too long, it is not convenient and is too expensive. Walking and using a regular bike are out of the question given the steep inclines on my route. I cycle about once a month for leisure and enjoy it.

I did not enjoy driving to work as it was such a short distance and seemed very pointless in terms of wasted time and pollution created. So when the opportunity came up to trial an electric bike it really was at the right time for me.

The bikes are very easy to use and very well built. They’re not too heavy either, so you can still use it as a normal bike cycling along flats. But having an electric bike has been a god send with all the hills around Bath.

It has dramatically changed the way I commute to work I now cycle to work every single day (when not in lock down and working from home), and also use the bike to cycle to the local supermarkets when previously I would have driven. For me personally it has has the added benefits of increasing my fitness levels, having to cycle up and down hills every day. But also, I now have more time in my day, as my commute is now only 20 minute cycle in the morning, whereas previously I would sit on a bus or in my car for 40 minutes at least. Having the bike has also benefited me financially, as there has been no costs to my commute, and no parking costs in the centre of Bath either.

I am converted to the benefits of commuting by electric bike, it is my default travel option for everything. I will be buying one through an affordable scheme.


Before and after trial Key metrics % change
Physical Health +31%
Mental Health +45%
Stress level -20%
Concentration +157%
Stamina +23%
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